The Apple AnthologyThe Apple Anthology is a rich harvest of poetry, prose and visual art from a global array of writers, artists and scientists. The Anthology tells the story of how apples migrated from Northeast China to Europe, how to make zyder and why apples are such potent symbols of beauty, temptation and sexuality.

With a foreword by David Morley, contributions from members of the Worshipful Company of Fruiterers, and a range of intellectuals, creators and collagists, The Apple Anthology is bursting with flavour and delight.

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Blackpool PoemsThe ‘Blackpool Poems’ project was funded by Arts Council England’s Grants for the Arts programme. Eleven poets had their work exhibited in the 2015 Blackpool Illuminations, which attracted more than three million visitors.

The original designs for the lights are presented within this pamphlet to commemorate the event, and to create a permanent record.

Each of the poems anthologised here is taken from a forthcoming collection. This is a publishing programme of 10 books, which is also funded by Arts Council England.

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